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Home Repair and Remodeling Services by Manitowoc Handyman

Manitowoc Household Repairs Large and Small

Manitowoc Handyman is your go-to home repair service for any job, large or small. Manitowoc Handyman will repair your broken window, install a new sink, or renovate your kitchen. No other handyman or home improvement company can match our experience, dedication, or prices.

Window Washing and Maintenance Manitowoc

Manitowoc Handyman’s window washing and maintenance services keep windows streak free and weather sealed. Window maintenance is important for preventing cracks and water damage. Our residential window washing services make your windows shine clear and bright. Manitowoc Handyman uses only the best window washing cleaners and equipment, keeping windows clean and functional. Manitowoc Handyman’s window maintenance professionals are dedicated to providing the best window service Wisconsin has to offer.

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Handicap Bathroom Remodeling Manitowoc

Elderly and handicap bathroom remodeling services by Manitowoc Handyman ensure safe and accessible bathrooms for seniors and disabled people. Our walk in shower installation service builds safe showers for limited mobility individuals. Installed shower safety rails and grab bars provide stable support in these accessible showers. Manitowoc Handyman’s handicap accessible remodeling services keeps your loved ones safe and helps them become more independent.

Window and Door Replacement Services Manitowoc Residents Trust

Manitowoc Handyman’s expert home remodelers provide high quality window and door replacement services. Old windows and doors waste energy by allowing cold drafts to chill the home. Window and door replacement keeps energy costs down, especially during freezing weather in Wisconsin. Window and door installation services from Manitowoc Handyman keep your home warm through the winter.

Kitchen Remodeling and Repair Services in Manitowoc

Kitchen remodeling professionals from Manitowoc Handyman upgrade and build new kitchens. Our kitchen renovators replace fixtures and modernize your kitchen. We perform any job, large or small - kitchen remodeling and sink repairs get the same outstanding service and attention to detail. Whether your doorknob is broken or your cabinetry is outdated, Manitowoc Handyman is the best kitchen repair service anywhere.

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